For many years Kathy lived with a sense of insecurity. At the time she had a 2 bedroom home – ex farmhouse – worth around $78,000 and a $40,000 mortgage. Her equity was around $38,000.

    Today Kathy has net equity and income from her investments that give her the option to retire… at age 50.

    With the help of Lin Andrews Real Estate Kathy started to buy residential property – each purchase was in her own name with borrowings from recognised Australian Banks. She appointed Lin Andrews Real Estate to manage each property.

    She bought and sold several homes with significant profit and taxes before deciding to attend a Lin Andrews Real Estate Seminar entitled “Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?”

    Slowly Cathy began to sell her residential property enabling her to buy low cost, commercial property that while possibly having a lower rate of capital growth offered a positive cash flow.

    Having worked for the same company for 30 years with some shifts starting at 11:50pm and concluding at 8:00am… she wanted change, she wanted to retire!

    On a basic weekly wag and minimal borrowings, Kathy now has equity growth AND the cash flow needed to retire

    “Today my property investments give me the net wealth and the confidence to retire when I CHOOSE, not when someone says that I should.” Kathy has testified